Photos taken with a smartphone are quite amazing and stunning at the same time, but still, nothing beats a photo taken by a camera. In the past years, the smartphone camera is continously developing, what more with a real camera, right? No matter how smart phone cameras spoil us, dedicated cameras still have a better hedge and here are the reasons why.

1. Lens Versatility

This is the first and main difference between smartphones and compact cameras also known as Point and shoot camera.  Technically, smartphones don’t have a digital zoom feature which photographers consider as an invaluable tool to capture the subject especially when it is located at a distance. With these cameras, you can capture the subject even if it is far away from you. You no longer have to go close to it especially when the subject screams danger. Usually, Point and shoot cameras can zoom up three times than a smartphone camera. They are also better in capturing close up photos and most of these cameras have the ability to reduce the effect of camera shake.

2. Manual Control

Most Point and shoot cameras come in a wide variety of preset modes and controls which is always way better and faster compared to a smartphone camera. This allows you to do a little experiment with the photo that you are going to take especially if you like motion photography. You will surely bring out the creative side in you with the use of a compact camera. You can have your very own mix and match tutorial to figure out what image you want to achieve with your camera.

3. Battery Life

The battery life of a smartphone usually doesn’t last long due to the number of features that it has. Every app and feature that is in it consumes the battery which makes the battery run out in just a few hours. On the other hand, these cameras last longer and can usually take 300 to 500 photos before it needs a recharge. You can enjoy taking photos as much as you want, as long as you can. With it, you can keep more photos in addition to your treasure box of memories.

4. Cost

In the past years, the price of camera surprisingly dropped that one can already buy at a little amount. At a little amount, you can already have your own camera with amazing features to capture every moment you wish to keep. Unlike before, Point and shoot cameras can be purchased at a lower price – price which is even lesser than a smartphone’s.

5. Image Quality

Point and shoot cameras have the ability to capture up to 5 times better than a smartphone. When the megapixel is lower than 5, chances are, the quality of the image isn’t too great and there is a smaller chance to edit and print the photo with a good quality.

Cameras don’t work as the eyes do. There is a thin line between an image of good quality and an image of good quality with a breathtaking appearance. A photo is a form of art that differs from the perspective of one person to another. In as much as we want to keep a photo as a souvenir, photos taken from a real camera is always worth keeping.

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