The final months of the year are not so far away. When the summer finally rolls around, it will be time to throw barbecue parties for friends and family. A great barbecue party requires skill and knowledge. So here are several useful tips that will help you throw a great backyard grilling bash:

Check the Equipment at the Start of the Season

Have your BBQ grill and other parts been in the garage throughout the winter? Then you must give everything an inspection before you fire up a grill. Even if you stored the items as safely as you could, you may find yourself in need of spare parts for your barbecue when summer rolls around. You certainly don’t want to find out that the grill isn’t working hours before the barbecue. Therefore, don’t forget the crucial seasonal inspection.

Don’t Have a BBQ Grill? Cook Meat over a Fire Pit.

It’s a technique that’s been used for hundreds of years. If you don’t have actual grilling equipment or want to try something new, set up a fire pit. The fire must be underground so digging a pit is necessary. Then get an oven rack or a similar grill to set over the fire pit. Now you are ready to grill anything. The results will be a delicious smoky flavour. To cook the meat in the best way possible, use aluminium wrapping on the cuts. You can pack dirt over red hot coal to create an underground oven too.

Smoke to Cook Soft Meat

Most of us love our meat moist, soft and bursting with fatty flavours. It’s difficult to make meat soft when you grill it directly over fire or coal. For the softest meat, let the smoke do the work. That means placing the meat indirectly over the source of heat. You can place the coals to the one side of the grill and place the meat on the other in a way that smoke penetrates it. This indirect method of cooking slowly breaks down the tissue, resulting in moist and flavourful steaks and chops.

Thawing is Essential for Well-Done Meat

Want your meat well-done? Then thawing frozen meat until room temperature is essential. Otherwise, you may end up with burnt outsides and soft or undercooked insides. You only want slightly cold meat to get a golden brown sear on the outside for medium rare steaks. Otherwise, thaw.

Complement the Cookout with a Great Beverage

Serving grilled meat again with a soda? A great beverage can add flavour and fun to a cookout. Therefore, avoid the cheap soda or beer, and go for a white or red wine. You can try a hard liquor like whiskey, too, but some of the guests might not want to get drunk before the meal. Alternatively, you can serve organic fruit juices or tart smoothies.

Use a Small Torch to Finish Meats

Fire over fire is the best way to finish meat and give them a nice crust. You may have seen professional chefs at restaurants use blow torches to finish grilled meat. You can try the same at home by using a small brûlée torch. These are tiny torches used to caramelise crusts of crème brûlées. It’s relatively safe to use for home cookouts. Avoid using larger torches because you may accidentally set fire to the cooking setup.

Use the above tips to make your next grilling party something the attendees would talk about for weeks.


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