Are you moving into a smaller home? Are you afraid of feeling boxed in? If so, here are a few suggestions for living cramp free in a small house.

Change your ideas about hoarding

If you’ve lived all your life as a person who accumulates stuff and saves everything just in case you need it someday, we’ve got bad news for you. This is one of the top ranking things in the what-not-to-do list when it comes to living in a small home. Instead, consider living a simpler and more minimalistic lifestyle. Spring clean often; donating, selling or giving away things you don’t use. You also need to be more aware of cluttering up your space, as a cluttered space inevitably looks smaller than it actually is. Teaching yourself these two habits alone will change your whole experience of living in a small home.

Be wise about your furniture choices

Your furniture plays a large part in making your home more cluttered. Most people make the mistake of not considering the size of their home when buying furniture. One other thing to remember is that the furniture you used previously in your old home might not necessarily fit your new one. So even if it pains you, you might have to let go of your treasured designer sideboards. Opt for smaller furniture: preferably designs that all not too bulky or space consuming.

Stay away from bold patterns

Whether it is for your wallpaper, the rugs for the floors, your curtains or even your bed sheets, we strongly suggest you stay away from bold, loud designs. These have a way of making space appear smaller and more cluttered. You will have to maintain a spic and span home to get away with it. While you are at it, you might also want to get rid of busy and distracting wall art or painting. These too can be a bad idea for small homes.

Choosing the right colors for your walls and floors

Colors have a great way of creating the illusion of space for any room of your home. But since your aim is to create the illusion of more space and feel less boxed in while at home, consider opting for light colored walls and floors. Don’t worry about it making your home appear bland. You can easily add a dash of color to your home through your decorations and other smaller scale things like rugs and throw pillows. Having light-colored furniture can make it easier to create that illusion of space as well, making you feel less cramped in.

Learn the importance of lighting for small spaces

Proper lighting is important for any home. It is what takes it from a spooky, inhabitable place to a warm and welcoming place people love to visit. The right light is particularly important for small homes, as it can help feel less cramped and larger. We suggest you take full advantage of the natural sunlight your home receives, as it’s one of the greatest aids for cramped up spaces. As for the darker part so f the day, have a care to make sure you light up all corners of your home.

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