Countries which mostly experience winter such as Russia truly enjoy summer. It is a happy season where everyone moves to the beach and the families are enjoying a picnic with little ones, whereas the retired couples are enjoying the sun while reading their favourite book. Here are a few mistakes you could avoid during this much awaited season of the year.

Not Enjoying the Season

In most places, students get a long summer break. A common mistake many students make is that they over work themselves even during the vacation. Majority of university students get into a full-time job so they are super busy making money but don’t have much time to truly enjoy their vacation. This is something you shouldn’t do because during college you are constantly running behind lectures and grades so you don’t have much time to enjoy little things in life. Holidays are the best time to catch up on all the missed fun, having a job will take that opportunity away from you. If you want to work due to financial issues then you could get into a part-time job where the work hours are flexible but getting into a full-time job is a complete no-no.

Eating Whatever You See

You would have heard people saying that calories during vacation don’t count. Sadly this isn’t true so you cannot eat whatever you see. During holidays we go a little too easy on ourselves and enjoy fancy breakfast and buffets. Although you should enjoy all these make sure you don’t go overboard. Instead, make use of this opportunity to take care of your health and feeding your body with the right types of food. This is because during university students don’t have much time to cook a healthy meal and they mostly have fast food. You could also start working out which will not only help you to lose weight but will keep you away from diseases such as diabetes and cholesterol. However, if it gets super-hot and humid make sure you invest in anti chafing shorts to protect your thighs from rashes that occur due to sweat.

Being Overexposed To the Sun

As mentioned above people who live in countries which mostly has cold climate enjoy summer a lot. However, this doesn’t mean that you can be under the sun all the time. The sun rays are strongest from 10 am to 4pm so if you plan on taking your family on a picnic to the beach make sure you take frequent breaks by going under the shade every fifteen to twenty minutes. Apart from this you should also eat healthy and stay hydrated by consuming a lot of water. Over sunning can cause skin cancer so avoid being under the sun all the time, and whenever you do make sure you apply sunscreen. Many people don’t know this but sunscreen needs to be re-applied every two hours so make sure you invest in a huge bottle.

Lastly, don’t completely avoid studying during this break; make sure you take some time off to revise all the topics in order to perform better the next semester!

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