If you are a father watching your daughter grow up may be one of the scariest things in the world. That is because when she was young she treated you as her hero. She may have followed you around and relayed her entire day to you. However, when they grow up they tend to pull away especially during the teen years. During this time you would soon realize that you have nothing in common with each other. She no longer wishes to watch cartoons on Saturday mornings. Instead, she wishes to sleep in. Furthermore, she may be more interested in shopping than hanging out with you. When you realize this you would be heartbroken. However, this does not mean you should give up. Instead, you should think of other ways to spend time with her.

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Go Out To Eat

You may go out to eat countless times as a family. But can you remember the last time you went to one of the restaurants Geelong with your daughter? You may have gone to get ice cream when she was small. But as she grew up these dates would have seemed further and further apart. Therefore due to this reason take the time to go out and eat with her at least once a month. Sharing a meal with your daughter in a new environment would prove to be a great bonding experience. That is because she would talk more and share more if it is away from her comfort zone. Furthermore, you can both eat good food. This can even be a date that you can maintain even after she moves away.

Pay Attention to Your Interests

When she was small you may have gone to each and every one of her recitals. But with work and family commitments you may not even know what her interests are. Therefore take the time to find out about the activities she’s involved in. If she’s playing any sports you can make sure to be there at her games. We understand that you may not be able to be there for each and every game. But you can still attend the ones you can and cheer for her. Furthermore, if she is a music lover you can listen to music with her. We know that you may not appreciate her style at first. But you should learn to be patient and give it time.


Watching your child grow up is always a bittersweet moment. But you should try your hardest to be a part of her life at every stage.

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