If your child’s birthday is coming up, you must be browsing through gifts like a cuteness addicted maniac and checking out the latest cartoons and tv shows! It doesn’t stop there you know.

Children These Days…

Frankly, they can’t be any more different. Children nowadays do not want the same things we wanted back then, the last thing they would want is a toy truck! Bring in the PS4! Don’t worry, you don’t have to panic, there are other ways to make them happy without giving them unnecessary items.

Kids Parties

Kids now not only like to throw grand parties at home but parties at hotels with pools and music, specifically DJs, themes and so on, have gained popularity. Therefore, throwing a simple party at home might not be the best idea.

They like to boast or ‘flex’ in the latest terms of children vocabulary. So. let your child give the other kids something to talk about.

The Venue

You can google children’s party venues eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and find what you like. You can browse through a few classy options, like Italian maybe. All kids love pasta and it has some royal feeling to it as you swirl your spaghetti with a fork like a grownup. I’m sure your child would want to feel that! If it is a surprise, you could check their menu options and packages, the service and everything. Otherwise, it is advisable to let your child do the choosing as they would know what they’re friends and themselves would love to experience.

Your Budget

Before everything, you might want to plan your budget and draw a line on the expenses. When it comes to our children, we tend to fail to notice the signs of a lighter wallet. So, before showing your child the possible options, narrow down your list of options for the venues; or they might want someplace really expensive to have fun and you might not have the heart to say no.

The Food

If you go to an Italian restaurant you have a myriad of options but it doesn’t have to end there. You could also browse for birthday-kids meal packages and a multi-cuisine buffet. Make sure dessert is served at its best as all kids are born with a sweet tooth. Children tend to be less picky when it comes to drinks so I think something basic like the classic OJ or milkshakes would do.

Go Crazy

You need to remember that this isn’t an adult party, you could always plan themes such as a costume party, or a colour, or some cartoon they prefer. Maybe masks and hats for everyone? Or glow in the dark face paint?

There you go, you have an epic party ahead, be careful as the days following the celebration would be your kid running home to you with so much gossip to discuss their friends loving the party!

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