Buying a gift for a little bundle of joy doesn’t sound like the hardest job in the world. But it can be for gift buyers who are not parents, or haven’t changes diapers in years. If you have an important gift to buy for a baby, keep the following in mind:

Avoid Age-Specific Gifts

Babies grow up seemingly in a blink of an eye. Therefore, don’t buy highly age specific gifts for a baby. The newborn today will be too old for “newborn” gifts in a month. Therefore, buy a gift based on the age range (a baby is under a year old). It’s perfectly fine to buy an item the baby can use when he or she is slightly older. The parents would keep the gift until the baby is old enough to use it.

Buy Oversized Clothes

If you are buying clothes for the baby, make sure you buy larger clothes for babies under 12 months. As mentioned earlier, babies grow up fast. The bundles of joy quickly outgrow their baby clothes. To be on the safe size, clothing items that are bigger for their age would not be a bad choice. In fact, the parents might even appreciate it.

Make Sure the Material is Non-Toxic

You would think that anything labelled as “for children” is highly safe and free from toxic chemicals. The reality is a bit murkier. Some seemingly innocent items in baby stuff can actually cause harm to kids. Certain plastics, like PVC, are at high risk for containing dangerous chemicals. Therefore, make sure to avoid baby things made from plastics. Instead, opt for natural materials free of chemicals like wood. In fact, Australian wooden toys for children are some of the best gifts you can buy for a kid today.

Don’t Gift Electronic Items

You may want to gift something expensive and decide to give the baby a brand new iPad. The baby may like it, but the parents might now. Exposing children to electronic devices is a hotly contested topic in parenting. Therefore, it’s best not to gift any distracting electronic gadgets, unless the item serves an educational purpose.

When in Doubt, Go with a Gift Card

Still no idea what to buy a baby? If you are not sure what the kid or the parents might like, go with the safest option of buying a gift card to a nice baby or retail shop. The parents can then shop for what they want afterwards. Don’t buy a gift card from just any random shop; choose a baby or maternity speciality shop the parents would love to shop at. Avoid online cards as well, because most new parents don’t purchase baby things online due to safety concerns.

Choose the baby gifts you buy very carefully as the above tips suggest. You absolutely must make sure the gift is toxin free. Then ensure that the item you bought is suitable for a baby of a certain age. The above tips should help you find the perfect gift for a baby and her parents.

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