Whether you are a full-time event planner/manager, or are in charge of organizing your own personal events from time-to-time, it cannot be denied that the process is extensive and challenging in both cases. However, with proper organization and an in-built sense of calm and peace will help you in this field. In fact, we think it is a mandatory requirement, otherwise your stress levels will be at a permanent peak, and that is not good for anyone! On that note, we have covered one of the most important parts of event organization, which is locking down a suitable venue. There are so many different options out there today, but when it comes to something you really want, the search becomes suddenly a lot smaller. So here are our tips to see you along.


Well, people do have destination weddings in a whole other country, yes, but if you are doing that, you then would have to give them plenty of notice, and we mean at least a year in advance. But if you are hosting something in the vicinity of your city, then you want to be sure that everyone can make it there without a problem as well, only you would not really give them such advanced invitations especially seeing as how it is hosted at home. If the location is distant, you should check up on how much it would cost them to come by cab, and decide the right course of action accordingly.

Services and Amenities

Any modern day event has certain requirements that must be met. Clean, working bathrooms are one. Waiter services are another, as is catering and entertainment. The venue must be poised to provide the needs for all of these, including power outlets and menu options if they run a kitchen and do the catering themselves. If you are looking up an engagement venue hire Geelong for instance, then check on whether they can help you set up any decorations, have the cake ready and whatever else you need.

The Layout

Now, you would of course take in the size of the venue as a whole as per the number of guests to be present, but what you should take a closer look at, is the layout. You need to factor in the activities you have scheduled for the event, and then see whether they can be fitted in practically. If one or two prove to be problematic, try to replace them instead of going for another venue, assuming of course the first meets all other requirements. Flow of traffic is very important as well, especially when it comes to meal times.

Explore More

Though you may think you have found your perfect venue, it never hurts to keep looking. You may come across one that really catches your fancy, so mark it and refer to it later. Ambiance for instance is a very important trait in any venue, and you want to be sure that your venue gives off the right type of ambiance as well. It helps project the voice of the event, giving it personality.

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