Who does not love some good old water-based fun? Even as children we loved to play in the rain and dive into pools and run into the waves at the beach and simply play with a few basic water guns. Having fun with water is just a big part of almost everyone’s life, so why not keep the fun going by trying out these cool Australian water sports and activities:


Jet Skis and Boats

Whiz around in a fancy jet ski or catch a ride on another sea going vessel. Because you can easily explore so much of New South Wales from a yacht while also feeling like the king of the world (if you know what I mean). Splurge a bit if you can afford to and witness what the high life might be like. You can easily get a boat hire sydney for this. If you do not want to rent out a huge sea-faring vessel though you can always try kayaking, it is a fun and relaxing way to intimately explore the shores and lagoons or marine life without disturbing them in their natural habitat.

Surfer Life

Catch some waves, surfer style. You can even take some basic beginner classes where they will teach you how to surf like a pro. If you have never tried surfing before and you have always wanted to, then this is about as good a time as any to start. If you are not into surfing but still want to try something similar, then there are plenty of other options like stand up paddleboarding. With paddle boarding you can explore rivers, lakes or oceans at your own pace. Paddleboarding is super fun but requires a bit of practice. And if you get comfortable with a paddleboard you can even move onto surfing. However, if you just want to watch other surfers rather than surf yourself, then head to Bondi beach and let the fun in the sun commence.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Some of the best locations to snorkel and scuba dive are in and around New South Wales. The pristine ocean waters are such a beautiful turquoise and you will just want to dive in when you see the water. The reefs and snorkeling spots are just bursting with marine life (life that is now being threatened by pollution, overfishing and global warming). So while you are there, visiting these reefs make sure to also donate or contribute some of your time and effort to do what you can to help preserve all the unique beauty, even if it is just to educate yourself about the impact humanity is having on marine life.


Try a few of these things or all of them if you can! Because you will certainly have the time of your life with your water-based adventures. Not to mention you will have some epic stories to tell by the end of your trip to the famous capital of New South Wales.

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