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23 September
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A Crossover is a cross between a camper and a caravan. Between the benefits of an off-roader camper and the comfort and security of a caravan. The concept is genius and all about the user. Have you ever asked a regular camper or camping family why they like crossover RVs? What was their answer? Most people will say they love crossovers for one reason, instant set up. And when you see how easy it is to set up a cross over RV, you’ll understand why.

The process involves flipping over two clips and then going inside to push up the pop top roof. And that is all the set up work you have to do. Easy right? That’s why so many people enjoy crossovers. The pop-top roof allows there to be more headspace for taller people the interior height with the roof raised is 2.1m (6ft 9in).

Like a camper trailer a crossover RV Australia comes with a bed and kitchen and room for storage. But unlike most camper trailers there is a kitchen within the vehicle and often you have a bigger slide out kitchen for external use. The cooktop is found in the external kitchen with two burners and a gas supply of 2×4.5 kg. The crossover can keep 87 litres of fresh water for cooking and cleaning needs. The overall space within the crossover is deep enough for the storage of cooking and kitchen utensils and comes with a steel sink and a tap.

The crossover comes with lighting and a solar panel allowing you to utilise the most out of your power supply and keep the internal fridge running so you can store all your meats, milk and don’t forget those desserts. Visit this website if you’re looking for the best caravan for camping.

The crossover RV has a queen-size bed with a full length shelf to store clothing, books or other reading materials. During the day the light sources can be found from the front and side windows as well as a skylight and at night the in vehicle lighting and lamps on either side of the bed provide adequate light.

The crossover is a towing vehicle that can be attached to the back of your 4WD or UTE and has the same off road benefits of a camper trailer. With a durable chassis and suspension the crossover RV is built for off road terrain and can go through wet weather and shallow rivers.

Crossovers can be rented from around $110 a day or can be bought for anything from $59,000 onwards.

With the ease of a camper trailer and the comfort of a caravan using a crossover RV makes for a really enjoyable and relaxing camping trip. You can cook warm meals and eat them in a warm and dry place and on those beautiful and warm days you can eat you relax outside enjoying the scenery then during the night you can sleep easy and safe.

19 June
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“Gone Fishing”

Are you looking for a family friendly activity, or a way to have fun with your mates? A fishing tour, or fishing charter maybe for you. Have fun breathing in the fresh air on the open sea and the challenge of trying to land the ‘catch of the day’. What a great way to meet new friends and share fishing stories and adventures. 

There is a tour out there to suit everyone at a range of prices, no matter if you are a novice, or experienced fisherman. Go on a full or half day tour, sunset fishing, fly fishing, or deep sea fishing. Fishing charters will suit a family, small group, or you can even take a personalised charter. Some tours provide all equipment required, including bait and refreshments. You may even be able to get your fish cleaned and cooked as part of the service provided. Now that’s fresh! Learn the techniques of trolling, jigging and casting. On your next trip your friends will be impressed.

Test your strength and endurance trying to reel in a Marlin, or Tuna. Imagine the happy snap you would get trying to hold up that catch. What a great sense of accomplishment and the bragging rights would go on for years. It would be something to tell the grandkids.

A place for a memorable fishing experience would be the Whitsunday area of Queensland. There you will find a diversity of tropical fish species. Tours leave from Shute Harbor, Abel Point Marina, or some of the many beautiful islands. Also to be enjoyed are the secluded picturesque bays, mountainous islands, fringing reefs and sea grass beds. What a back drop for your fishing adventure.

Here are a few ideas of locations for your fishing expedition:-

Victoria – Port Phillip Bay, includes Queenscliff – Werribee and Geelong. Fish for Australian Salmon, Bream and Flathead. / East Gippsland includes Lakes Entrance for Bream, Trevally and Flathead.

NSW – Port Stevens, has excellent beach, rock, estuary and offshore fishing / Shoalhaven River / Hawkesbury River.

Queensland Tropical Coast – Cairns to the Whitsundays, great for reef fishing catching a range of tropical reef species such as Coral Trout, Sweetlip and Spanish Mackerel. The coastal estuaries are great for catching Barramundi and Mangrove Jack, whilst for the adventurous, Sailfish and Black Marlin can be caught out from the continental shelf, continue reading this.

Tasmania – The Tyenna River has the highest fish population in Tasmania / The Derwent River includes Pierson’s Point, Ralphs Bay and the Tasman Bridge / St Helens has great fishing all year round.

Northern Territory – Darwin Harbor. Fish for Queenfish, Tuna, Mackerel and Trevally / Bynoe Harbor.

Western Australia – Exmouth / Augusta / Rottnest Island has 63 beches and 20 bays, you are spoilt for choice.

So what are you waiting for, now is the time to start planning. Get out there on the open sea and start having a fishing adventure!

26 March
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Benefits Of Corporate Team Building Activities

Corporate team building activities can be a fun way to get your office teams working together as well as allowing them to get to know their work colleagues outside of the office. Team building activities can be used to educate employees on the benefits of working together while helping them develop trust in their colleagues and the abilities of themselves and co-workers. There are many benefits to team building activities including increased productivity, increased morale, increased motivation and the ability to build both creativity and lateral thinking in your workplace.

One other benefit to team building activities is there is usually no need to travel too far from where your office is located. For example, you might be located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, but there are plenty of outdoor adventure activities in Melbourne both close to the CBD and within close distance to the city. There are companies who run team building activities which can be based in or out of the CBD, and depending on your office layout you may even be able to base them around the office.

There are a lot of team building activity options to choose from including cooking challenges, Amazing Race of Survivor style activities, sports and fitness activities, creative activities and charity or community activities. These types of adventures can have all the benefits of team building activities while also helping to reduce the stress load on your employees. Many team building activities allow you to run events for a couple of hours or a full day (or even a full weekend). Full day activities allow you to run bigger events, bringing your teams together for longer and allowing them to compete against each other, while still working together. Half day events are great for small companies where you might have all of your employees working together on an activity. Half day activities still allow them to get the benefits of working together, without missing a whole day’s work. Full weekend activities are perfect for both large and small teams and may even allow for employees to bring along their families as part of the activities. These events allow for greater time spent getting to know each other and how teams work together in different settings.

Both full day and half day activities can easily be organised within your company, either by yourself or through your marketing/events team or even the company social club. If you are looking at weekend team building events, these can require a fair amount of planning, from snow trips & tours in Melbourne travel and accommodation through to activities for the weekend so it may be beneficial to use an external company who specialises in adventure team building activities.
Team building activities can get your employees away from their desks and having fun while building team cohesion; and sometimes, it’s just nice to get out of the office and into the fresh air.

07 March
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Planning Your Next Surfing Trip

Whatever time of the year it is it’s never too early to start planning your next big trip to the ocean. Whether you’re an hour away or a full day’s drive from the waves you know that it’s worth however long it takes to get where you can get out on the water and finally let loose. If this sounds good to you it’s time to start lining up everything you’ll need, from booking a hotel room to looking at surf clothes online here 

It’s always best to start with the basics and when it comes to trips the basic questions are when you’ll go, where you’ll stay and when you’ll be back. If you’re a budget-minded traveller try and research things like lodging in advance so you can see if you can get a deal.

Sometimes you can save big by going on an off day. On the other side of things you can also find yourself paying inflated prices if you try and book a busy holiday weekend. Ideally you want to find a day where the weather should be good and the city isn’t too busy. With that said sometimes it’s worth braving the crowds to experience local festivities, so the choice is up to you. 

If you’re planning on going on the waves the first question you have to ask yourself is whether you’re going to bring your own board or you’re going to hire one. If you’ve already got a board then the question is settled and you can move on, but many people should ask themselves whether they think they’ll be surfing often in the years to come. When in doubt don’t be afraid to go with affordable body boards hire so you can get a chance to go out at Noosa and test the waters a little bit. 

You also need to decide what you’re going to wear. In an ideal world you already have all the clothes and accessories that you need but if you don’t you have more places than ever to look for the right clothes thanks to the internet. For example, if you’re planning on going surfing with your children you can find plenty of girls and boys wetsuits online so that your whole family can enjoy surfing together. 

Surfing is great but it’s not everything most oceanside towns have to offer. When you’re on a trip you should also look into what sort of activities you might look into in the area. If you’re thinking about going out on the town after surfing think about packing casual surf dresses that you can wear on the beach. 

Your next big surfing trip is waiting for you, all you need to do is decide that you want to go and move from there. No matter how much you need or how much you already have you are just an internet search away from finding everything you need to make a memorable trip. From lodging, to surf t-shirts and finding things to do everything is available. It’s time to break free of the ordinary and experience the freedom and relaxation of a vacation on the beach.

07 March
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Spend A Day Fishing

Do you love to spend a whole day away from all the hustle and bustle of the crowded modern life and to spend it in the way you want to? Are you a fishing freak but do not get enough time to rekindle your hobby? Well, you can now spend your holiday with the favorite fish. You can start fishing the whole day out without being disturbed once. There are several companies available that gives you this unique opportunity of fishing at your favorite place on your holiday. They are called fishing charter companies. You can search internet to gain further information on this. You can hire a fishing charter boat and can try it once again.

If you love fishing in the seas; then you must have to know the special tricks and techniques of fishing in the seas. There are several institutes available in the world that arranges workshops to help the interested persons. After getting the proper instruction; you can take help from internet to search details about the companies that offer fishing accessories. You can search internet for a deep sea fishing charter. There are several such companies available that gives you this particular service. You can take suggestions from your known persons or can search internet and choose the best company for your purpose.

By, reef fishing at Sydney is another interesting type of fishing. If you live in a city near the shore and especially to those oceans that has natural reef wall near the shore; you can try this. Near the reef area; the water is crystal clear. It will be very good opportunity for you to go there and fishing. Some reputed and well known companies only have permission to include this method in their cart. You can search internet for those fishing charter companies and can book a slot for yourself. You can book a whole boat for yourself or you can share a boat with others to cut down the price of the boat and other instruments.

At some places fishing charter games are very popular. In those places it is a type of competition that takes place at a particular time in the year. At that time you can book a ticket and join the other teams for this unique type of competition. If it is hard for you to resist yourself; you can take help from internet. Search about the special fishing games and other details related to it. Try to find out the details about the place where the game is taking place. Try to find out the timing and the way of participation. Several competitions have different type of rules and regulations for the participants. So to know more about game fishing charters you have to search internet.

Fishing sport is also famous in several parts of the world. In the most cases these types of sports are very much popular among the towns situated nearby the seas. It is important to have a major water body near to organize such sport. Find out other information for sport fishing in Sydney. The instruments related to fishing are also easily available in the shore area. You need to search a bit to know more about such places. Search internet to search details about these fishing sports. You can have these instruments on rent and can enjoy your whole day fishing around the place. Before joining them; try to find out about other important documents that you need to produce.

30 August
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Enjoy Whale Watching With A Professional Company And Following Proper Techniques

There are people in the world who love and enjoy adventurous tours. To state the point clearly, those who love adventure prefer to spend holidays in location nearer to mountain biking, trekking, paragliding, rafting etc. Among several adventures, whale watching is an amusing, thrilling and fascinating tour.

The first show of watching whales had started in middle of 1950 and, later on, it spreaded in the world.  Whales, as known, are gigantic creatures and it is playful to watch them. It is really an unforgettable thing in life for a person and overwhelming sight. While researching on internet, people can come across numbers of places renowned for sighting varied classes of whales. Click here for whale watching.

Professional whale sighting companies ensure to board a marine environmentalist with their clients. A marine expert can provide details relating to animals and other questions, if any. So, with a reputable whale watch company and their expert, one can expect to have a fun-loving and successful trip. Before going on such an adventurous trip, it is recommended to follow certain tips stated in the following points.

whaleTo begin with, whale watchers should have a proper dress code for the same. Shirt, long pants, waterproof jacket along with safari or baseball hats are a must for the adventurer. Athletic shoes or closed shoes (soft-sole) with great toehold are also advised for enjoying the tour without any break.

Other than clothes and shoes, equipments like sunglasses, binoculars, fully charged camera with film and extra battery. Next important thing is to carry food along with when going for the awesome trip. Most of the whale watch companies never provide food to their clients and therefore, it is better to carry some snacks for the excursion.

Check with the company policies and then decide on what to be done. It is not so easy to watch whales as some people suffer form the problem of water phobia. For this reason, it is important to consult with the physician particularly when taking medicines. Ensure to follow proper directions as recommended by the physician.

Physicians often suggest to take medication an hour ago prior to starting the journey. Even they advise on eating light food before beginning the journey. All such things can make an adventurer ready for the whale watch tour. Besides whales, black reef sharks are interesting creatures in the sea. Going on a sea adventure can make people know about such uncommon group.

These species sharks are found in seas wherein coral reefs are mostly found i.e. in Pacific and Indian oceans. Quite often, these creatures attempt to get into fresh zones of the water. The appearance of the creature is similar to usual sharks but possess better vision. They feed on sea lives and even on their young ones. Get more info about whale watching in Qld.

Most of the whale watch companies can provide reef holiday charters to be fully entertained. So, if anyone has interest in watching other sea creatures than whales; come in contact with those companies. Gear up for going on a sea adventure in next holidays. More information can be gathered from a professional whale watch company about the same.

29 August
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Rent A Car On Vacations For A Stress Less Vacation

bokModern human is busy and is surrounded by stress from all sides. Human life today is struggling from bounded schedules and hectic lifestyle. People work hard, all year around, to earn enough for their holidays after deducting their expenses.

They eagerly wait for the time that they will spend relaxing and enjoying with their family and loved ones. They are usually spotted preparing in advance for their upcoming vacations.

To make their holidays super enjoyable they decide for the holiday destination that best suit their moods and these destinations may be inside or outside the nation. People love to visit new and exotic destination for exploring the world and that too at larger scale.

An individual, at the time of preparing for a holiday, takes care of almost everything. He is well prepared about everything from the bookings of the air-tickets to the reservation of the hotels to stay and had the information of every destination to visit.

However, in spite of such an admirable and commendable preparation, one thing is usually skipped; this is the pre-planning for the vehicle to be used locally in the new destination.

 Opting for public vehicle for traveling here and there in the new and unknown place is a big ‘NO’ and moreover, it wastes a lot of your precious holiday time. One can choose for hiring a taxi. But it costs a lot and most of the times the taxi drivers’ charges more from the foreign tourists. Click here for great car hire in Brisbane.cae

In such scenarios, the only option left is choosing for the car hire service. These services are beneficial in many ways. One can hire a car for their trip and can easily and freely spent as much as time he/she wants, on a particular destination, without being worrying about catching a public vehicle or calling a taxi for pickup.

Furthermore, these car rental service providers also avails their patrons with the facility of a personal-chauffeur, who will be at your service, every time you want. The chauffeur is well trained personality and also possesses a license of the particular destination.

He is also aware about all the rule and regulations of the place along with the ways and the shortcuts to the popular tourist destinations. Rental cars turn the experience of travel; and tour into a more comfortable and less stressful one.

One just needs to make pre-bookings with a rental car service provider and the car you desire will be ready for you at your holiday destination, right on the airport. One can order for car rental services, both on the internet or by visiting the office of such providers.

One can rent any type of car available with these providers. These cars can be of varying brands and model. These exotic and costly rental cars turn your experience into an unforgettable one. We provide affordable and reliable rental cars in Brisbane airport.

Such providers keep up with their claims of availing with the best. However, it is strictly advisable to conduct a deep market research, to know about the existing rates and other complimentary services provides by these dealers.

Renting a car on holiday turns your experience into an amazing and exotic one.